Viral Aamir Liaquat New Video Trending On Sosial Media

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Aamir Liaquat New Video Trending On Sosial Media

Aamir Liaquat was hauled into court by his third spouse, Sieda Dania Shah. Quite recently MNA Armil liaquat sealed the deal with his third spouse, and presently the couple is thumping on the court entryway.

Dania blamed him for abusive behavior at home and requested that he pay an enormous number of wards. Since this news emerged, it has created an uproar on the web and individuals are additionally showing their web about this.

In this article, I will make sense of what Syeda Dania Shah said when she asked Amir Liaquat for khula (separate from freedoms). Subsequent to making sense of many fascinating parts of Armil Ryakato and Sieda Dania Shah.

It is prescribed that you adhere to this article for some time and follow the segments of the sections recorded underneath. Get more data about this most recent news.

As indicated by media reports. Dania and Armir marked the marital promises in February this year. In only four months, the couple thumped on court entryways.

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Dania was purportedly the initial two individuals to show up in court for separate. Syeda Dania Shah is a well known TV character and the third spouse of MNAAmir Liaquat.

She petitioned for legal separation from Armir, asserting that the governing body was totally not the same as what was displayed on TV. He expressed: “More terrible than Satan.” A video spilled by
Armil Ryakato was discussed on Twitter.

Dan makes sense of his relationship with the Congressman, who says the four-month marriage simply stings. Syeda Shah likewise asserted that PTI MP Amir had secured him in a little room.

He added, “Amir went after me when I was inebriated.” He additionally said PTI MPs confronted genuine ramifications for himself as well as his loved ones. To understand what Diana requested youngster support, see the following segment.

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